What motivates Millennials

Just think for a second if you truly believe what motivates millennials, you would be totally shocked if you actually understood the psychology behind their thought process. It’s often joked that they all want (and got a trophy) but do you understand what’s really behind this. Because they are raised to believe they are special and unique, they have a higher demand upon themselves to feel good enough. In an interview with Simon Sinek he clearly lays out the reasons behind why they over achieve and strive to bring meaning to their work. Listen to every of this to get a full and detailed understanding of this generation. Remember when we (and I’m almost 50) we’re kids and they used to say ( these kids these days). Understand it’s just history repeating itself with some real challenges upon this generation that we did not have!! This is for EVERY EMPLOYER out there right now! Listen and learn my friends!! #simonsinek #millenials
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