I tend to take action, because inaction also tends to go on one way DOWN!!-Rob M Lyon 

I tend to take action, because inaction also tends to go on one way DOWN!!-Rob M Lyon
Well it’s always true that you should be cautious in your approach to try anything new, at the same time we could have a crippling effect and hold you back from what you truly are trying to build. I think we can all agree that sitting on something for too long is the reason there are far a few millionaires or even successful people out there.
I recently started using a new program to integrate all of my courses and content. No this platform is much more sophisticated than what I’m used to put it off for so many things I will grow into it became a no-brainer. After getting through the initial on boarding I realize very quickly that was gonna take me several months if not longer to get this up to where I need it to be.
After only a session and a half that I had paid a few hundred dollars for I decided it was not worth the time for me to sit on this and do it myself knowing I have zero mastery much less full understanding of what it needed to do. Made that decision that actually wasn’t so hard to spend significantly more in order to get what I needed to be at a much more rapid and efficient place. At the core on the creative person both of my musician side as well as the business side. Breaking through a ton of walls to figure out where things need to be wasn’t even a thought to me and I hired the professionals do it right.
My point of this blog is sometimes making hard and occasionally expensive decisions (or are they really expensive in the end) was never easy to get out of the comfort zone, but the comfort zone is just that it’s comfortable and will typically only lead to relaxation and eventual laziness. What do you feel you do to get out of the comfort zone when making a decision both personal and business?

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