I have been a fan of (well more of a life long musical  🎤 obsession with the band Chicago

I have been a fan of (well more of a life long musical  🎤 obsession with the band Chicago for a very long time and tonight very well might have been my favorite one of them all. As many of you know I am a musician, in fact a singing bass player and this band has had a legacy of not one, not two, but three In their history from the original Peter Cetera ( yes he played bass before writing all those power ballads) to Jason Scheff ”more my influence”, then Jeff Coffey which was equally unreal to his predecessors. Then after 50 plus years as a well established machine using the same formula with incredible success they made a huge change. Instead of a singing bass player doing all those iconic parts in the songs they went with a dedicated vocalist as well as a dedicated bass player!!! 😮 WOW I could not believe it til this evening when 66 year old Neal Donell and what a set of pipes he dad. You might think this would change the dynamic of the band for the worst as how could they make such a drastic change??? Well after seeing this and their new bass player Eric Baines and Neal work off each other’s strengths I was completely blown away. To me they actually sounded the best I have ever heard them (and it’s been a lot) lol, sometimes change and getting out of a perceived comfort zone is a good thing especially when you can’t picture it or have a vision for it. This aren’t always as they may seem or appear but being willing to have an open mind with the possibility that something outside the norm may as one of my mentors Steve Toburen says “A positive moment of Truth” may give you that vision otherwise impossible!!  For more content and the Service Without Excuses with Rob M Lyon podcast check out robmlyon.com today and subscribe, you can even win some awesome prizes inc free consulting package worth more that $6k!!
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