I have been following Tony Robbins for many years, he is a master of understanding why someone does what they do and the reasons behind why there brain thinks the way it does. Having fulfillment is not just about your personal life, but about your entire life with the final outcome to be balance!! When you enjoy and find purpose behind what you do day in and day out it never becomes a burden or a task, it becomes passion, motivation, and drive to take action. My friend Conner Fay asked if I get any sleep, and although that’s debatable ? I truly enjoy having multiple things going on that are built around my passion. First is family, it is for me and it should be for you, the second should the thing that gives the most fulfillment and joy because that will springboard the others. You don’t need to run multiple hacks if you choose not to, but should find the things that drive you the most are as they say never really work, they are true love!! #robmlyon