Create Your Own Postcard

The Best Marketing message is being able to “Create Your Own Postcard”. Often any one of our friends or family members that visited a foreign location like Italy (where this was taken) they tend to go to the local gift shop in the cities or villages they are visiting to pick up a post card that best suites the person that they love the with very best picture and simple message possible. As seen in this example you see here, sometimes LESS IS MORE when it comes to the message, now it does not always need to be this simple but I know you get the point. It used to be and sometimes still is longer copy gets a better response but I truly feel that has changed in a very big way. With social media taking over everyone’s brainwaves, we know that you have a very, very short time span to get the attention of your potential customers and clients. So my recommendation is to take your message (even though you think you need to describe it with 10,000 parts) lol, just kidding but take the message you want and make it basic For example our cleaning business is simple (New Jersey’s Best Carpet & Tile Cleaning) Giving our Clients “Service Without Excuses Everyday” Which focuses on what we do best “everyday”. Take your message and make it simple, you won’t regret it,ever!!!!!! I will go into more detail on a further blog! #sevicewithoutexcuses #robmlyon #lessismore #marketingmessage #usp #makeitsimple #doitup #whydotheybuy