Avoid the Copycats!! That’s what they do best, Copy!!


One of the things I have learned as a life long musician (even though I’ve mostly played covers

Is that most everyone is playing the same songs or at least damn close

What has always impressed me is when someone goes outside the box a bit and covers their own version of it

I’m not saying to take a death metal song and do a pop version of it or vice versa (unless it’s your thing)


But add interesting parts that are not necessarily in the same sometimes boring way, think outside the box on how you will entertain them.

It is the entertainment business after all!! Business is no different, as the would is full of both types followers and leaders

Now not everyone has the ability or even interest in being a leader, but you should always have the option to think differently!!

There is no lack of people that will follow up behind you, no matter if that is a post, a song, or just plain gossip!!

But you shouldn’t give a shit, run your own parade if you want, don’t worry about those envious or nervous about your success!! DO YOU!!

Copycats will always be there, it your option to give a damn or not BE YOU!