Are you prepared when things change, do you have a Plan B when things hit the fan???

Are you prepared when things change, do you have a Plan B when things hit the fan???
If you’re anything like me you’re a proactive entrepreneur that plans not just the little things like scheduling but maintenance, inventory, strategy etc. there’s no doubt you’ll get much further ahead by being this way. Unfortunately things do happen in this world through no fault of ours or even our clients and customers, And how you adapted those things and change on a dime can be a valuable business lesson that will stay with you through the rest of your career. Learning how to shift with something I learned quickly in a disaster restoration Field, we never knew five minutes from now versus five hours from now what was gonna happen. Emergencies came in no matter what was going on and sometimes the compounding effect of that could take a toll between your staff and your ability to handle everything timely and efficiently. Working in that business for the better half of 25 years taught me that planning the best you can is a great thing, but Murphy’s Law is in full effect I can change like that.
In this quick video I recorded today for the service without excuses Facebook community we talk about two examples one where landscape company had dropped over 15 tons of rock on the driveway we were about to clean, they had the landscaping crew coming out today to distribute the rock but it was also the day she was having it cleaned. Obviously this was not in the cards as just from the movement back-and-forth with transporting The rock alone made it impossible, we made a decision to have the crew come back and go through all of the equipment on the trailer doing some maintenance on the machines as well as checking all the tools to make sure everything is fully functional and ready for tomorrow when we will return.
A second job we ran into they were doing construction outside and were unable to get to the house in order to clean slate floors, you know the saying when it rains it pours and today was one of those days and thankfully were able to send a crew to other jobs and actually move a job from a different day and two today, that job as well has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. How do you handle the situation and how your staff in particular your management handles these things defined your business and how you will grow stronger and smarter by doing so. Feel free to visit my website with an absolute mountain of Service business tips and advice that could be a true game changer from someone that is actually done what they’re talking about. You will learn just from one or two episodes of our podcast more than enough to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.
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