Am I truly Open Minded??

Am I truly Open Minded??

You would think it’s a crazy question right however, most people are not they do it’s comfortable and what they’re used to. Being an open minded Business person is one of the best traits you can have because every day you will learn something. It’s easy to say I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’ve seen it all and heard it all, Went to reality you’ve only heard and seen about 10% of what’s really out there. 

We generally consume information in order to shorten the learning curve or to keep things very simple. For instance, when I put a process into place in my service companyI follow the “Kiss” Method ( Keep it simple stupid) not because those that learn from that are stupid, but do you need to make it as simple as possible? Error to learn and grow. 

Even when I design a new course or work with a new client, I have a work sheet that brings me back to the reality and not make things too cumbersome or in the use of stress possible something you will forget five minutes after we get off the call. One of the beautiful things about being open minded is again that willingness to learn and adapt to changes and not just your market but the world alike.

I thought about putting this blog together while watching football on a Sunday afternoon for my beloved Steelers (No comment Needed) and while ordering a beer and some bar food, I realized maybe today I should try something different there for opening my pallet. My advice is to take a piece of paper and write down 10 things you do every day, and then rank them between one to 10 on what you’re open minded to or what you feel you know most if not all of. Put the paper away and come back to it in two weeks. You’ll be surprised. 

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