5 Things Every Home Service Business Owner Should Know!!

5 Things Every Home Service Business Owner Should Know!!


(1) Know your market

Many small Business owners tend to market in areas that are convenient to them and in a close proximity to where their service business may be based in. This can become a painful and sometimes very costly mistake for the convenience of low windshield time. You need to know who and where your customers and clients are, and more importantly I need to know where they are not. Analyzer market from number five to number one by the best locations to develop and grow your position in your market.

(2)Know your numbers

Every small business owner needs to know their numbers, they need to know that the money coming in is not flying out the back door just as quickly. You need to know where and how your customers are coming from. Are they coming from your website, from a Google AdWords campaign, from Yelp, you need to know these numbers. It’s very easy for the customer to say I found you online, and that’s great however just like the world it’s a big place. Take the time to dig a little bit deeper and find out exactly how they found about you even walking them backwards to how they searched for you. Knowing where and when to invest your money Is critical . You also need to understand your operating costs and the cost of overhead, all of the numbers in a business are crucial . Remember numbers don’t lie, people do!

(3) Know your people

Take the time to interview your prospective employees over a multi step process. There’s an old saying higher slow and fire fast, this is true if you spend the time to learn if they are  right for your business, you’ll way ahead in the end. I’ve always said an employee will talk to himself out of a job quicker than you could ever imagine if you let them talk, this is the reason for a multi step interview process. These are the people you’re trusting to be your front line and have the majority of interactions with your customers and clients!

(4) Know your strategy

Execution and implementation is a great thing, however with a plan strategy you are most likely doomed to fail. Take the time to write down a proper strategy, don’t worry you will come back to change this most likely many times however if you have a written down you will be able to do your due diligence and re-adjust what, how, when and why you want to implement your beliefs into action!

(5)Know your results

Remember you were in business to make money, to support your family and to live the life you want to build. There will be times you will do things that will not necessarily be the best way, however in the end you need to produce a positive result. You need to again no what’s working and what not, only things that produce a positive outcome need to apply. Excuses are just that, excuses in the end I need to figure out what is working in your business that’s producing your net profit. Results are in our come based on your effort, take this very seriously and continue to monitor this daily.

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